Functional medicine help you perform better from the inside. We treat hormone imbalances, poor digestion and immune issues.


Our goal is to promote pain-free movement so you can pursue an active lifestyle without aches and pains.


Look your best with minimally invasive treatments for the face, body, and skin. Feel radiant.


Lifestyle Medicine for Lifestyle Problems

Thanyapura integrative health center in individualized care, offering a comprehensive range of traditional treatments lead by certified health professionals, specifically designed for lifestyle modification to help you meet your goals.

  • Weight Loss & Nutrition

  • Stress & Relaxation

  • Detox & Rejuvenation

  • Hormone Balance


Dr. Maytinee PajongrakPhysician
Dr. Phonlawat PrechaborisutkulPhysician
Dr. Thomas WaltonChriopactor
Nicole BravataMedical Centre Manager
Mr. Atipon MethatipSenior Physiotherapy


Functional medicine help you perform better from the inside. We treat hormone imbalances and immune issue.


Our goal is to promote pain free movement so you can pursue an active lifestyle without aches and pains.


Look your best with minimally invasive treatments for the face, body and skin. Feel radiant.


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Department - Sport

Koji Maehara

Physiotherapy is recognized as a clinically effective therapy for anyone who suffers from musculoskeletal pain as a result of a sports injury. This video shows how we use physiotherapy to help athletes heal faster and prevent re-injury.

Department - Sport

Pipatpon Ingkanont

Watch our interview with khun Pipatpon as he talks about the advantages of living in Phuket and training at Thanyapura. In Bangkok he had to wake up early to beat the traffic and make up for travel time, thereby losing valuable training time. He moved to Phuket and now trains at Thanyapura, which he calls a “triathlete’s dream”.

Department - Sport

Perizaad Irani

Ms. Perizaad Irani of India joined Thanyapura’s 10-day detox and weight loss programme under the guidance of our advisors, coaches and chef to create an eye-opening, personalised treatment plan that made her change her diet and perspectives on wellness. Watch the video for what to expect when you sign up for Thanyapura’s detox and weight loss packages.

Department - Sport

Pamela Andersson

Interview with Pamela Andersson, Editor in Chief of Topphalsa Magazine in Sweden, as she talks about the advantages of training at Thanyapura. "It's amazing, it almost gives you a religious feeling. The reputation of Thanyapura in Sweden is growing. People are curious about this place." Watch our video to see how her group enjoys training, cycling, yoga and swimming exercises in the beautiful setting of Thanyapura.

Department - Sport

Vikas Agarwal

Mr. Vikas Agarwal lost five kilograms in eight days during his trip to Thanyapura. He realised he needed to change his lifestyle when work, family, and travelling started to affect his health. This is his story of how Thanyapura provided the support he needed during his weight loss programme.

Department - Sport

Bryan Tepper

Australian mining engineer Bryan Tepper describes his recent experiences of a 1-week mind training program at the Thanyapua Mind Centre.

Department - Sport

Elena Zaderei

Elena Zaderei from Russia shares her amazing story of life-changing determination. Elena moved to Phuket from Moscow almost a year ago, and she’s now a regular at our sports training sessions at Thanyapura Phuket.

Department - Sport

USA Triathlon Team

We traveled to Phuket for a family vacation but ended the trip at Thanyapura as our daughter was attending a FINA training camp for a week. We took the opportunity to work off some of the excesses.

Department - Sport

Redlava Triathlon Team

I stayed at Thanyapura recently for 10 days. This place is incredible. Every little box had been ticked, the rooms, beds, food, atmosphere etc…..it was all incredible!!! The sports facilities are the best!

Department - Sport

Madi Serpico

Hotel, sport facilities and staff are excellent. If you like sport and want to enjoy pace and tranquility, Thanyapura is the place for you. Coaching is friendly and tailored for all the abilities. Infrastructure is world class.

Department - Sport

Caldwell Clarke

All facilities very good and very exclusive for sport people and good for inspection from any company who relate with sport and the cuisine very fantastic with organic product that is the highest value for money.

Department - Sport

Atthaya Thitikul and Vanchai Luangnitikul

Watch Atthaya Thitikul and Vanchai Luangnitikul talk about winning gold at the Youth Olympic Games 2018 and training at Thanyapura’s world-class fitness and training facilities.

Department - Sport

James Ruangsak

Great interview with James Ruangsak — Thai superstar who came to participate in Thanyapura’s Tri-Dash in Phuket, Thailand recently, embracing the event with enormous energy and commitment. Watch the video to learn more about his philosophy and how he managed to excel the way he did. We hope that this video will inspire you to reach your goals!

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